As the Articles 43 and 44 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, education is the right of all citizens of the country and equal, effective and balanced literacy programs need to be implemented in order to eradicate illiteracy. To achieve this goal, the strategic plan of Ministry of Education and the action plan of Literacy Department (LD) are developed and Ministry of Education and LD set their objective as provision of equal literacy opportunities to adults by accessible and better service.

Literacy Department of Ministry of Education decided to ask for active participation of community people at the village level in literacy education for selecting villages prioritized for literacy education, better education process, avoiding leaves of literacy learners, and increasing continuous and lasting community people’s support to the literacy courses. After many discussions based on the findings of the “Survey on current situation and needs of adults literacy education”, LD, with technical and financial support of LEAF2/ JICA, piloted a community participation program in establishment and implementation of literacy courses through introduction of Village/Guzar Literacy Committees in Kama District of Nangarhar Province, Mazar-e-Sharif City of Balkh Province and Mirbacha Kot District of Kabul Province.

The results show that positive changes in quality of education are brought, continuous and joint monitoring of literacy courses by community people are done and people’s trusts towards the education program are developed by active participation of the community people through establishing Guzar/ Village Literacy Committees. In fact, through this program, the opportunities for practical and continuous participations of the community people are provided and as a result, the sense of ownership towards activities of literacy courses is increased.

Detailed procedures and activities of community participation in establishment and implementation of literacy courses, which were already piloted, are explained in this manual and we are thinking to use it all throughout the country after the official process.

Finally, I am sure that “Community Participation Manual for Establishment and Implementation of Literacy Courses” and its related forms will benefit all the relevant officers of LD, PLC, DLC and other stakeholders