Statistics Report of Literacy Activities in Afghanistan 2015


The accurate statistics can contribute to building firm foundation and pillars of national and international policies and programs. It enables to find essential information of weakness on the one side and strength on the other side in programme planning, and provides opportunities for improvement of the weakness and for reinforcement of the strength.  Based on this report, the strength and opportunities can be used to find a good solution for weakness. For better programme planning and implementation, compilation and analysis of data from all the relevant governmental and nongovernmental organizations is in dispensable in the country.
Therefore, the Literacy Department (LD) understand the importance of statistical reports and decided to develop statistical report on literacy activities in Afghanistan in cooperation with all stakeholders. To achieve this goal, Technical Working Group (TWG), which mainly consisted of members from the Planning and Statistic Unit of LD, developed statistical report of 2015 with technical support from JICA/LEAF2 project and share this report with stakeholders and those who are interested to read and use it.
I am sure this report can help all colleagues in the field of literacy education for making better literacy programmes with effective steps for enhancement of literacy activities in Afghanistan.
In closing, I would like to extend my gratitude to the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of International Affairs and other national and international organizations and my sincerest appreciation to JICA/LEAF2 for its technical and financial support in developing and issuing of this statistical report.

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Statistics Report of LD 2015